How do I silence my keypad from beeping?

Find your system manual here.

How do I test my alarm system?

Find your system manual here

If I disconnect my phone line, can I still be monitored?

Yes, we can add a cellular communicator to your system. Please contact our office at (813) 264-1907 for details.

Can I have a technician perform a complete system check on my system?

Please contact our office at (813) 264-1907 for details.

If I switch phone providers (landline systems), can this affect my communication with the monitoring station?

Yes, please be sure to test your system before and after switching providers.

Can I get an app to remotely access my alarm?

Yes, please contact our office for details at (813) 264-1907.

If I referred a customer to EEI and they activated service with you, do I receive any credit?

Yes, we give three months FREE service for all referrals that sign up with EEI.

When should I consider replacing my alarm smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector?

Manufacturers recommended the lifespan of a smoke detector is (10) ten years and (5) five years on carbon monoxide detectors.

Can purchasing a home security system decrease my homeowners insurance?

Yes, in most cases, up to 20% discount.

touchscreen security panel 2-X4

Can I take my security system with me when I move?

Yes, we can transfer your system if you move, call our office for details.

Can I have my existing security system equipment monitored?

Yes, we can monitor most existing systems, please contact our office for details

Will my pet trigger a false alarm on my home security system?

Possibly, There are a few factors: size of pet, quantity of pets, and if the motion sensor has the pet immune feature. Please contact our office for details.

If the power goes out, does my security system still work?

Yes, your system has a battery backup for temporary power outages.

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